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about me

Karen Lewis

I am a wedding and funeral celebrant, living in Portishead, near Bristol. 

Trained and accredited by Humanists UK, I work across the South West creating and leading weddings, vow-renewals, funerals, and memorials.

I also support and guide people with their end-of-life wishes and pre-planned funerals. 


My story...

10 years ago, I was at the pinnacle of my career. A Head of Department in a university, leading a large team of staff, with a successful husband and beautiful teenage daughter at home. Life was sweet.


My father became terminally ill at the end of 2016. He died before I was able to reach his bedside. This is something I will always regret. My own diagnosis of melanoma followed shortly after. My whole world came crashing down. Grieving and ill, I found myself thinking 'stop the world, I want to get off'! I'd lost sight of the important things in life: family, health, love, relationships, connections, nature. Something had to change. 


I quit my job, and after a period of healing, I retrained as a celebrant. I now consider myself one of the lucky ones, in so many ways. My husband is still successful, my daughter is still beautiful, I have my health, but life can still be messy. So now I use this experience to support others through whatever life throws at them - be that love, loss, grief or joy. 

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