In 2015 all UN Member States signed up to 17 goals to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The sustainable development goals cover the three pillars of sustainable development: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

A 15 year plan was set out to achieve the goals as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At this time the outlook was one of rising economic growth and positive international cooperation. It led to the Paris climate agreement.

Frozen Land

Today, although progress has been made in many places, action has slowed. The global corona-virus pandemic, Covid-19, is pushing the world to the brink of a global economic depression. Governments are cooperating much less, climate change meetings have been postponed and aid to the poorest countries is predicted to fall. 

If climate change continues to increase, any development gains made will be reversed and make further gains impossible. Sustainable development cannot be achieved without climate action.

The latest progress report highlights the importance of international cooperation and solidarity in recovering from the corona-virus crisis. It states 'ambitious and immediate climate action is the only viable pathway that limits climate change, whilst protecting people, livelihoods and natural ecosystems'. This action would also have economic benefit, saving the global economy tens of trillions of dollars. 

So what now? 

The ActNow Climate Campaign is a UN global call for individual action on climate change. They are supporting people to do their bit.

This year, they are focusing on food and fashion. If you're interested, follow the link and check it out ActNow

If you're planning a funeral or your wedding, I'd be happy to support you to make it more eco-friendly. Get in touch & let's see what we can do together.